Jason Seders (20 Oct 2013)



Concerning my letter athttp://www.fivedoves.com/letters/oct2013/jasons108.htm and as a follow up on the 7 year pattern within the penultimate tetrad.


I find it interesting that the Israeli Rabbi’s declared 2001 to have begun the “Time of Jacobs Trouble“. On Nisan 1 (March 22nd) The Rabbis in Israel marked the civil new year by proclaiming that these are the last days leading to the coming of Messiah. While many saw this declaration as a knee-jerk reaction to the intafada uprising and 57 jewish casualties in that year, Im not so sure looking back that the Rabbi’s may not have been on to something.


I had forgot about this statement and was only reminded of it while doing further research. It is remarkable when you consider that 9/11 happened only months later! Then, at the beginning of the next 7 (sabatical) in 2008 the stock market crashed on Rosh Hoshannah.


If you consider that Jacob worked seven years for Rachel, but was given Leah, and then worked another 7 years again we see the sabbatical cyle of 2 – 14 years. Now adding 14 years to 2001 we come to 2015 the final blood moon of 2014/15.




Rabbi Judah ben Samuel’s Prophecy of Ten Jubilees


Most of you have heard of Rabbi Judah ben Samuel. His prophecy, while extra-biblical, seems to have come true so far with stunning acuracy. Known as one of the fathers of Hassidic Judaism, Judah lived a pious life in Germany where he died in 1217 AD. Before his death, Judah fervently prayed and hoped for Messiah to come. During one of his vigil’s he claimed to have been visited by the prophet Elijah who revealed the time of Messiah to him.


According to Judah there was to be a total of 10 Jubilees from the time the Ottoman Turks conquered Jerusalem until the time of the Messiah. The turks conquered Jerusalem in 1517, a full 300 years after Judah died. Adding 500 years (a Jubilee is 50 years, so 50 x 10) you arrive at 2017.


Further, Judah said that the Turks would rule Jerusalem for 8 jubilees (or 400 years). Sure enough, the British captured Israel and General Allenby dismounted his horse and walked into Jerusalem on Hanakuh  in December of 1917.


After the 8 jubilees, Judah said that the land of Israel would be a no-mans-land. And on the 9th Jubilee the Jewish nation would once again fully possess the land. Precisely in 1967 Israel captured Jerusalem again seemingly fulfilling the 9th Jubilee prophecy (1917 +50 = 1967)!


The blood moon tetrads and the final Jubilee


Obviously, adding the final jubilee of 50 years to 1967 we arrive at 2017. What is amazing is if you subtract 3 ½ years from Yom Kippur 2017 you are back at passover of 2014 – The first blood moon of the Tetrad!

What does all this mean? Will the tribulation begin in 2014? Will the Abomination of Desolation occur in 2017? Or perhaps the 70th week of Daniel is already playing out and 2014 is the AOD and rapture which means 2017 Messiah Jesus appears and begins his millenial reign?


I dont know. Maybe its all just a coincidence. Then again, as the Rabbi’s say “Coincidence is not a Kosher word.“


Yours in Christ,