Jack Hook (29 Oct 2013)
"Presidents Obama, Putin, and the Middle East: The Judgment Chronicles"

Presidents Obama, Putin, and the Middle East: The Judgment Chronicles


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Greetings friends and family,


Those of us who are old enough to remember the cold war and the fear of a Russian-American nuclear war are “tempted” to view Russia’s re-emergence into the politics of the Middle East with great concern.  But as believers in the Lord we must always follow the truth laid out by Jesus Christ in the Bible rather than succumbing to these natural fears of Armageddon and World War III. 


Those who have studied the Bible know the “literal interpretation” of prophetic scriptures clearly points to what is called the “Day of the Lord”, a period of time in which God’s judgment will fall upon the nations for rejecting his Son and his coming Kingdom upon this earth.  Moreover, the leaders of the nations ignore, with some even mocking, anyone who declares the bodily second coming of Jesus Christ to this earth.  This tragically includes the leadership of today’s Jewish nation, Israel, who were brought back to their land by God after the horrors of World War II.  The Jews are being given another chance to embrace Jesus Christ as their Messiah and King. 


America’s policy toward Russia and the Middle East is forged by events and personalities beyond its control, with American and Russian leaders not knowing the prophet Daniel identified them as the two “Little Horns” that would arise out of the old Roman Empire to bring the nations to World War III at the end of this age.  This last world war will begin when the Russian President and his allies invade Israel after first signing a “Covenant of Peace” with his American counterpart and others.  All of this is recorded in my online book if you would like to know more. 


Just know, my friends, that sooner or later Russia and America will outwardly set aside their differences which have for a generation brought them to the edge of war. The nations of the United Nations organization will think these two powerful giants have come to their senses when they sit down to arrange a Peace Covenant which will include Israel and their Islamic enemies, Jerusalem, and a new Temple.  After the events in Syria and Putin’s offer to remove their chemical weapons and Iran’s new “happy face” it appears to be sooner rather than later.  Syria and Iran are two of Russia’s allies in the coming Day of the Lord.


The sad thing to me is that both political and religious leaders in America do not understand that these evil and cruel events taking place in Syria and the Middle East are not just in the imagination of Syria’s President Assad and the Islamic rebels he is fighting against, but are inspired by the fallen angels who rule in and through them and all people who do not follow the Lord Jesus and his teachings. 


Our Lord made it clear in the New Testament that Satan and his fallen angel friends have been given by God (because of sin) temporary dominion over the nations with all of their varied governments and religions.  As hard as it is for us to believe this includes America.  Listen or read carefully!  These fallen angels have one goal and one plan:  Through evil events caused by them, like the chemical gassing of Syria’s women and children, they can produce great fear and perplexity in the hearts of men who will then welcome Satan’s great counterfeit peacemaking Messiah, also known as the Antichrist.  Amazingly, the Russian and American Presidents do not know this awful “title” is what awaits them as they maneuver for power and dominion in the Middle East.


Please read my article “The Judgment Chronicles” which describes in detail what is about to come upon this earth and how to escape.  Most of all please make sure of your salvation from the sin nature we all inherited and which condemns us all to Hell.  The blood sacrifice of our Lord Jesus when he came the first time is the only way of escape from the wrath of God which is coming upon this war-torn planet.  Remember, Jesus said, “Unless a man is born again he cannot enter or see the Kingdom of Heaven”.  The apostle Paul took this into his heart and explained that a man or woman must know that Godly sorrow for our sin produces true repentance that brings salvation from the power of our sin nature.


Your eternal friend,