Denis Hart (17 Oct 2013)
"7 November 2013 - Billy Graham @ 95years - to Gerry Almond"

 7 November 2013 - Billy Graham @ 95years - to Gerry Almond
Just a short letter to note, for those who are not aware, that Billy Graham will turn 95 years on 7 November - Gerry Almond commented that 7 November 2013 could be a significant date.  Billy Graham is the most well know evangelist in Australia - still a household name for many.  In 1959 he conducted a series of crusades in Australia.  In Melbourne, 143000 attended just one crusade meeting at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.  Almost one million (980000 - including me) attended the crusade meetings (link below).
(Gerry Almond)  I am not saying that November 7 is the date of the rapture, but I am speculating that it is a date of importance.  Our going home could be before or after that date, but I believe it to be very, very soon.  Billy Graham is planning his last crusade (into homes) in November 2013 - link below.
Denis  Maranatha!!