Steve T (30 Oct 2012)
"Maximum Culpability: Why God's Wrath is Certain"

Dear John and Doves:

Ann Barnhardt is a blogger/columnist who writes passionately from a Catholic point of view.  I believe her insights are prescient and foreboding.  She asserts that fierce divine judgment against America is now an unavoidable certainty.  Following is an edited excerpt of one of her recent posts:

God's wrath cannot be assuaged at this point because we, the people of the former United States and Western Civilization, are the most guilty, culpable, iniquitous society to ever exist by many orders of magnitude.  In terms of our guilt, we are far, far guiltier than the people of late Rome.  There were aspects of late Roman culture that were prima facie worse than our culture, specifically the torture blood sports, but we are far guiltier than the late Romans, and thus deserve far, far worse.  And that is exactly what we are going to get.

How can we be orders of magnitude guiltier than the late Romans, or any other culture for that matter?

Because we are willfully ignorant due to extreme intellectual and especially moral laziness.  If there was ever a group to whom the words "YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER" applied, it is us.  And we have absolutely, positively no excuse whatsoever for our ignorance.

1. We were a free culture.  This isn't Saudi Arabia or North Korea.  We have been free to read ANYTHING, learn ANYTHING, subscribe to ANYTHING.  This has been the most licensed culture in all of human history.  Male, female, white, brown, old, young, you name it.  There hasn't even been a military draft in this country for forty years.  We have had the near-universal societal leisure to pursue and ponder anything and everything.  And we have chosen Honey Boo Boo, the Kardashians, and mentally retarded giants who chase balls in stadiums like dogs.  We have chosen to be ignorant losers who revel and glory in our own inhuman stupidity, when we could have chosen to be excellent.

2. We are wealthy.  We are the wealthiest culture ever to exist.  In all other cultures poverty has meant starvation, disease brought on by filth, and daily hard labor just to survive.  In this culture, poverty means that your TV is under 42" and that your ObamaPhone is running Android Version 3, not Version 4.  No one starves to death here.  People don't die from ingesting human fecal matter in their drinking water.  The necessities are totally taken care of, and thus people are free to spend the vast majority of their lives at leisure.  Even our jobs are leisure, because we all get to choose what it is that we do for a living.  Neither family ties nor the government have mandated, under pain of death, what any of us do vocationally.  Whatever it is that you are doing or have done vocationally, you chose it and consented to it, and you were free to pursue your own interests.  Since our culture has been so wealthy, most people have been able to support themselves with a 40 hour workweek, leaving in excess of 40 hours per week for pure leisure, free to pursue and ponder anything and everything.

3. We could have been educated.  We are not.  Most people in this culture, even though education was possible, are totally uneducated, and contra-educated.  I would classify this culture as "barely literate".  People can read and sound out a small core vocabulary of words, but there is very little comprehension of what is read, and that which is read is either ignorant, insipid or morally degenerated.  What people are almost universally incapable of and totally unwilling to do is think for themselves - not just to be spoonfed "answers", but to actually ponder and parse information, to independently synthesize data, make connections, and to think through logical progressions.  I don't care how many bee-ess college degrees you have, because all "education" today consists of is pumping and dumping information onto multiple-choice tests and occasionally faking a short-answer or occasional paper.  That isn't education.  That's beta pack animals learning the gestures of submission to the alpha.  This culture is operating just epsilon above the animal plane - and those are the "college educated" people.  The inner cities are operating on the purely animal level.  But we COULD have been the most truly educated culture ever.

4. Every single one of you reading this has the sum of human knowledge literally at his fingertips.  The most damning aspect of the internet won't be the pornography, I suspect.  The internet pins every single one of us into moral corner because it completely removes any ability to argue that "I didn't know - I didn't have the information."

Whether you are a priest or a professor, or a politician or a wild-eyed blogger, there is NO EXCUSE for making incorrect public statements, no matter how trivial.  If you speak, you have a grave moral obligation to be right, that is to speak the Truth.  The cascading consequences of factual and moral errors are massive and horrifying, and we will only see those consequences at the General Judgment.  When you have the sum of human knowledge at your fingertips, and thus the potential to extrapolate BEYOND the sum of human knowledge, thus expanding the domain of human knowledge itself; when you have been given that ability and are still so lazy that you can't even get the already-known facts-at-your-fingertips right, there will be hell to pay for that sloth.

5. Finally, we have far more guilt and culpability than any other culture because we WERE a Christian culture and turned our back on God with full knowledge and conscious forethought.  The Romans of the 4th century were pagans who either knew very little or nothing at all of Christ.  They had the Natural Law as their only guide.  We have Christ Himself, with our culture *allegedly* built on Him, and yet we have utterly denied and rejected Him and have reverted all the way back to the worst pagan cultures.  The only revolt that is worse in enormity and scope is the revolt of Lucifer.  Even the Jews of the Old Testament in all of their many episodes of falling away from God, didn't have the knowledge of Christ (obviously, because the Incarnation had not yet happened).

We have nailed Christ to the Cross, and when He looks at us and asks us why, we have the unmitigated gall to say, "It's not my fault.  I didn't see You there.  You should have spoken up."

WE are going to burn like no other culture has burned before, including Rome, because we have, by far, the most guilt.  Ignorance due to laziness in the face of unprecedented freedom and license, wealth and leisure time, potential education, technology and availability of information, and the knowledge of and physical presence of Christ Himself is why we must and we will burn.  No one has ever, ever deserved it more.

The complete item is on Ann's website at but she posts voluminously and it may be far down the page by now.  Regardless of the upcoming election results (if election there be), it is the body politic, NOT the elected/appointed leadership, that will bring God's wrath on America.  The only question is:  how soon?


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