Rhonda (30 Oct 2012)
"Denis Hart:  Is Sandy In The Bible?"

Dear Denis:

I couldn't believe it when I read your post this morning on Five Doves.  I'm not good at all about remember where verses come from in the Bible, but the Holy Spirit does bring to mind those I've read at specific times.  This morning I remembered the verse you quoted:  Rev. 13:1...and I saw a beast coming up out of the sea...  That's the only part of the verse I remembered, and although I knew it was in Revelation, I couldn't have told you where unless I looked it up in a concordance.

When I saw your post, I KNEW without a doubt that the Holy Spirit had, INDEED, brought that verse to mind.  And I wondered if He was trying to say that the "beast" was now coming and would soon make its appearance.  

Which, of course, can only mean...WE'RE OUTTA HERE!!!!!  YIPPEEE!!!  :-)/\:-) high five   o|\~ singo|\~ sing (Hallaluah Chorus!!)  &gt;:D< big hug:-h wave(Bye!)  =D&gt; applause=D&gt; applause=D&gt; applause (PRAISE THE LORD)
Rhonda Burtch