Jim Bramlett (23 Oct 2012)


My friend says:
Regarding what Gerry (I think she meant Garry) wrote today on Doves...God is NOT on the Lunar calendar... if He was...He would not have raised up the Greek astronomer Meta in  432 BC to discover the 19 year leap year Metonic cycle for the sole purpose of RECTIFYING the Lunar calendar with the Solar Calendar, 7 times in 19 years- in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th and 19th years.  IF the Jews were to follow the lunar calendar the Mosaic feast days would fall in all four seasons...going around the Calendar just like the Arabic calendar of today.  Jesus validated the Adar 2 calendar by coming to Israel in such a year in 27 A.D.
The Solar calendar is based on the cycle of the SUN on its yearly "pathway" through the sky, which is a true symbol of the SON, on its permanent cycles of rising in the EAST, being in the MIDDLE of the sky at noontime in Israel ("in the heat of the day") and setting in the WEST.  The direction of the EAST is ALWAYS associated with the Messiah in Scripture..."His sign in the east,"   "My deliverer from the east", "the east wind of destruction,"  the tribe of Judah camped on the east during the Wilderness journey.  Moses, Aaron and the Levites always camped to the east from the door of the Tabernacle, the Eastern Gate,  the Mount of Olives east of Jerusalem,  the glory of the Lord always entered and left the Temple by way of the east, the River of Life flows to the east, etc.
All Jewish cemeteries bury their dead with the head and the feet pointing eastward, to be ready for the direction of resurrection.
The New Moon does NOT establish the year of perfect order.  It is ONLY when Nisan 1 falls on Thursday, that a Jewish year of perfect order is established!
2016 is NOT a year of perfect order according to the established Jewish calendar!