Jim Bramlett (20 Oct 2012)
"Is 2013 "the year of perfect order"?"

Dear friends:

The lady who wrote about the article I posted about this "year of perfect order" tells me:
Jim...when I was writing it ...I wept many times during it...and then many times I got goose bumps over the thrill of it all.  I am not one given to those kinds of things, but I do recognize when the Lord and the Holy Spirit are moving upon me.  I have read it probably 25 different times...and I can still feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit within me.  That is because IT IS HIS PLAN...THE PLAN REVEALED IN SCRIPTURE IN TANDEM WITH THE CALENDARS!
I truly believe not all people will "get it" or will not accept it because they aren't rooted deeply in the Word and/or they cling on to their vain imaginations about their own dates- which are contrary to His agricultural times and seasons explained in Scripture.  The Lord has laid His WHOLE plan of redemption from the beginning to the end...upon the nation of Israel's agricultural calendar year!
How will we ever be able to thank Him enough for showing us this....Oh Jim...I truly do not know what to say...I am overwhelmed right now...