Jean Stepnoski (30 Oct 2012)
"The Midnight Hour: 10-30 to 31, 2012: Sun, Moon and The Pleiades"

Dear Doves,
   Hurricane Sandy will make American landfall late 10-29 or early on 10-30. The absolute full moon, the Moon reflecting the most light from the Sun, will be on 10-29 at 10:49 in the morning, Universal Time. It is like the Sun and the Moon will be at optimum phases. Universal Time is posited at Greenwich, England so that means 8 hours back, 2:49 early morning for the Eastern seaboard of America. The tides will be most powerful at the full moon for several days and nights. These high tides will increase the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.
   For the heavens above, the sky at a glance chart for the week at shows FASCINATING SIGNS IN THE SUN, MOON, AND STARS for 10-30 at 9 in the evening. THE FULL MOON (the Moon represents the bride of Christ) will be slightly above and to the right of the cluster of stars called the Pleiades (the 7 sisters). There are 7 stars, 7 is the number of completion according to The Scriptures. The number 7 is often prominent in The Book of Revelation. There were 7 letters to the 7 congregations of faith in Asia Minor (Turkey), described early in The Book of Revelation in Chapter 3. The door is opened into Heaven as of Chapter 4, Verse 1 (pretribulational Resurrection/The Rapture of the bride/body/ eternal family of Messiah/Christ). Going to THE MIDNIGHT HOUR beginning 10-31, Pleiades and the Moon will be CLEARLY NEXT TO EACH OTHER (with Pleiades to the left and the full Moon to the right)! The date of 11-29 to 30 will be Anniversary 74 of the events of Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass/Night of Broken Crystal). Lest we forget, evil. occult, and wicked terrible events continued into the day portion of Chesvan 15. It was SPIRITUAL SEA CHANGE for Germany, Europe, and the world. This year is like an OCCULT DOUBLE WHAMMY from 10-29 to 30 and 10-30 to 31. Of course 10-30 to 31 will be GOING INTO THE MOST DARK, EVIL, AND OCCULT EVENT OF THE YEAR! AT PASSOVER long ago, CERTAIN DEATH was avoided by THE COVERING OF THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB approaching THE DARKNESS AND THE TERROR OF THE MIDNIGHT HOUR AT THE FULL MOON! The date of 10-30 to 31 will be going to Day 4 of the Scriptural Week, THE SERVANT LAMP (representing Messiah) on the 7 pronged menorah! Remember that according to Chapter 4 in The Book of Revelation, He stands in the midst of the 7 lamp menorah. Are these Signs in the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars of the Pleiades (7 stars) meant to be reminders of the near approach of the time of The Blessed Hope, in the covering and perfect righteousness of His precious blood for those both among the dead and among the living who belong to Him? Might "the joy of his appearing" be this week? May we daily each watch and pray to have the strength to stand before the Son of Man. THE MIDNIGHT HOUR of 10-30 to 31 linked to midnight in Israel, perhaps literally THE HOUR OF DELIVERANCE OR TRIAL, THE SNARE OF THE FOWLER, draws near.
With Love and Shalom,