JeanMari (30 Oct 2012)
"Romney Surprised Me"

I realize that, as other Doves have stated, the elite control both major political parties and have a path down which they are taking our nation for their own purposes.

Nevertheless, I have seen that each President has been permitted a certain amount of leeway to do some things in his own way.  And those things have greatly affected the lives of believers, for good or for evil.

I am completely worn out by the policies emerging from our national capital during the last four years.

The god of Islam has been constantly honored.  Our God has been maligned.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has been treated with inexcusable rudeness.  Israel, our most important ally, has been cruelly deserted at a time of great peril.

Abortion will be funded with our own hard-earned dollars.  Doctors will not have the right of conscience about performing abortions.

I believe that how, or whether, each believer votes is completely between him and God.  As for me and my family, we feel compelled to vote.  For us, it is one form of spiritual warfare.  We hope that God can use our votes to further His purposes.

We want Him to be honored, not maligned, in our capital.
We want His land and its leader to be treated with total courtesy and loyalty.
We do not want one penny over which we are stewards to be spent on abortion, nor do we want doctors to lose their right of conscience in this matter.

Governor Romney has surprised me by the strong public stance he has taken on these issues that matter to me and my family.  We have seen the following.

Governor Romney openly honors our Creator.  Perhaps things such as the National Day of Prayer would be restored under his watch.

Governor Romney has clearly stated that he strongly supports Israel.  He is friendly with Mr. Netanyahu.  It seems likely that we would once again be a trustworthy ally under his leadership.

Governor Romney has publicly said that he stands in solidarity with the unborn, opposing abortion.  Perhaps, if we also vote for enough support from Congress, believers will not be forced to pay for abortions.  Perhaps doctors will be given the freedom not to perform abortions.  Perhaps conservative pro-life judges will be appointed to the Supreme Court. 

Those things have no chance of happening under the incumbent.

May God be with us all.  In these dangerous times, each of us is a warrior for Him in the best way we know.