Hollis Caravetta (30 Oct 2012)


Months ago and on more than one occasion, I heard odd droning sounds coming from the sky. It happened on a walk in my neighborhood in S. Florida. and two times when in bed. There was never a plausible explanation of the sound. My husband did not hear it being a very sound sleeper.
Then months ago i started reading about odd sounds from Russia and other places in the world.  Then it died down and there were no more reports and I did not hear the sound again- that is until last night!
At 2:00 AM I was awakened by this same odd droning sound. It was so odd and even when it stopped, I could not get back to sleep for about 11/2 hours afterwards.  Then when I went to the Bible study I teach at my church another woman in her eighties heard it last night as well!
Is anyone hearing this?
I have prayed and have no revelation but it reminds me of a droning trumpet! Maybe the trump of the Lord heard from another galaxy?
Anyone hear anything? Please post.
Hollis Caravetta