GM (30 Oct 2012)
"Esther re: voting"

Esther re: voting


I would like to briefly explain my concern regarding the post from End Times Bible Prophecy.  Thank you for sharing.  I would like to point out other aspects of scriptural citizenship.


First, my personal, context:

1.  My hope is in our Lord Jesus Christ and His offered redemption.

2.  I believe major changes could happen any minute, including the possibility of the Rapture.

3.  More than two years ago I was given Nov. 5, then 6&7 as a rapture date.  Time will tell the meaning of these dates.  At that time my focus was on 2010, but that was not included in the message.  So, I am fully prepared either to move out before the election or be here at the Lord’s discretion.


Now to your referenced post:


Some of the scriptures referenced are out of context or not applicable.  For example, “not eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” is most certainly not a reference to supporting a political candidate, even an evil one.  All of us are already under this curse outside of Christ.  We are also instructed to be gentle as doves, but wise as serpents.  So, applying wisdom (common sense) in a worldly situation is endorsed.


Overall, a likening of voting for political office to supporting an alternate doctrine of religion is also a weak comparison.  Jesus himself hosted and was guest of those with “other doctrines”.  This is how the gospel is spread, is it not?  2 John speaks of those preaching or teaching in the name of Christ, but with a false doctrine.


Most importantly, there are many scriptures which indicate the Lord is in ultimate control of appointing rulers, including evil ones over peoples and lands.  Israel certainly had its share of evil leaders with bad doctrine.  Still, we are told as Christians to obey and not disrupt this leadership; to be a blessing.  Wisdom does not require non-participation.  Joseph comes to mind.  In our system, the Lord has allowed the possibility of a choice.  Even if the choice is between Caesar and Brutus it is still a choice.  If we are to “give unto Caesar…,” and we are, then we are also allowed to exercise our influence.  If you have prayed for this nation and its leaders, why not vote?


Finally, vote suppression is a long-time political tool.  The 40 percent or so who never exercise their vote in our country are often godly, well-grounded people turned of by the political filth.  This is no accident.  Over many decades, this has allowed their voice to be silenced politically, and culturally.


For your prayerful consideration,

Jesus bless you all.