Gerlinda (30 Oct 2012)
"He moved in with his suitcase"

Dear Doves,
Denis Hart contributed three though provoking articles.  One was about Ezekiel being told by the Lord to pack his suitcase and move out through the wall to show fellow Israelites that the Lord is allowing the captivity of Babylon to come upon them.    Noticed was the fact that Ezekiel wasn't told to go out through his front door but to dig through the wall.  Perhaps, the enemy will use unorthodox symbols to show he has moved into his Babylonian Kingdom?
March 23, 2010, the 25 foot structure of Anubis made it's way by barge up New York Harbor.   Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, is characterized as a black or tan in color man with the head of a jackal.  What was Strange about that sight was that sitting down at his feet was a suitcase with stickers of his travels pasted upon it:  strange, don't you think to have a  modern suitcase placed upon the barge of this ancient Egyptian god?  Interesting is that the Masons use memorized sentences back and forth to each other to verify if one is a true fellow Mason
One of the code sayings to Mason are the words, "Where have you traveled?"  I traveled East and West and back again.  Why are you traveling?  I've been in search of the Master's Word?  Did you find it?  No, but I found a substitute."    I believe this is clearly seen as an declaration that Babylon has moved into the USA, via the very same harbor now under siege of Hurricane Sandy.  It reminds me of the scripture of where God warns, "Come Out of her my people that you may not share in her sin so that you will not receive of any of her plagues.  For her sins have piled up to heaven and God has remembered crime."  Rev. 18:4-5  Already it has been reported that polluted waters that surround the industries area of New York have broken through at several locations and it's pollution is already spreading through the city. 
This huge statue was then moved to it's NWO headquarters where it joins the giant blue maverick with the glowing  red eyes at the Denver International Airport.  What follows Anubis?  His brother Hades. 
Then in the other article that Denis Hart contributed he points out what Hurricane Sandy could be telling us through it's name.  The scripture references he gives point to the Beast coming out from the Sea with his ten heads and seven crowns.  "And one of his heads seemed to have a deadly wound.  But his death stroke was healed and the whole earth went after the beast in amazement and admiration."   Rev. 13:3
I am reminded that Anubis  is the keeper of the dead in Egyptian lore.  If this is the time that could bring the demons back to plague the world for five months upon those that do not have the mark of God upon them, then can we see how close we are to the Wrath of God?
March 23, 2010, when Anubis arrived in New York Harbor, even past the place called Babylon, where events related to  9/11 took place, it was a week before Passover.  March 23, 2013 will be four days before Passover and would be the day that is known when Messiah rode into Jerusalem on the donkey as the people laid down palm branches before Him, on Nissan 10.  Four days later He was crucified and exactly a week after riding into Jerusalem, He had arisen from the grave and presented Himself to the Father as the First-Fruit from the grave.  I am merely speculating on all of this.   However, as was said by others, "The one person that knows the Word of God better than Yeshua Himself, is Satan" so, since he does not have original ideas, he is following some pre-conceived script, it seems.  Perhaps others can put more of this together.
I'd like to add one more thing.  I would not be a bit surprised to see the United Nations building destroyed during the course of this massive storm.  I know that it is believed the A/C will suffering a head-wound but other teachers such as J.R. Church believed it could be the death of the old United Nations that will produce a new up-dated New World Headquarters.

"Is Sandy in the Bible?" and Pack Up You Suitcase