Frank R Molver (23 Oct 2012)
"Carol re Wurmbrandt and difficult questions"

It does not seem that you read the link I gave you regarding Wurmbrand
I don't think you would have made the comment that he was not right with God
It is sad that this generation of Christians do not know the modern day martyr's and heroes of faith
To those who know Richard as the founder of Voice of the Martyr's we give many thanks
It is a world wide outreach to the unreachable and goes to all the dangerous spots in the world
These people risk their lives on a daily basis, while many of us sit in comfortable houses and critique.
I would not be exaggerating in saying that he suffered more than Paul
It is appalling what torture modern technology can come up with, beware left behind!
So, since this subject has been brought up maybe we could stretch our minds
Angels are immortal, are we?
Certainly our bodies aren't.
But the bible says that we were there when he created the world.
How could that be, there are lots of things we don't understand
Perhaps our souls are like the angels, our bodies are just hosts
Just speculating here
So how are we like angels
I know we are different, but we do have similarities.
They apparently are able to choose and make decisions like us
They were created by God
They are beings and have personalities.
But can they repent?
I don't know.
The scriptures you quote have to do with fallen angles who are bound in hell forever
Obviously they are not all bound right now cause we have all this bad stuff going on
So it seems to be that there are different levels of judgement here.
They believe they will win
We also know that they are ruled by fear, that is how he keeps his kingdom together
I have heard of demons cast into hell and heard their scream.
So, just wondering, if the vilest of us can repent, you know what I mean
Not making doctrine here, just speculating
Also re those who have died before Christ or have not heard of him
Are all in hell?
Can there be a witness of the Holy Spirit in them without hearing of Jesus?
I think the bible backs this up.
I will give an example
My wife is Japanese, her grandmother practiced Shinto
She raised my wife when she was little and told her, never steal or lie or you will go to hell.
Where did that come from?
Anyway, she died
My wife had a dream of her after that
She saw her walking on a grey sea shore with a Christian friend of ours
This friend spoke of interceding for people and sometimes having the feeling of death
She told us that before the dream.
Everyone gets a chance to hear about Jesus
How could he judge fairly if that was not true?
Now, those who died before Jesus had not received forgiveness by Jesus sacrifice,.
Many of these  lived with the knowledge of God's law in their hearts as it says in Romans
Those who listened to their heart and tried to live a godly life also had a chance to hear about Jesus
If we fail to complete the Great Commission God will complete it
He will make up for our slack
And there has been plenty of slack
My brain hurts.
So you see, the things I don't understand I have to trust
I can not pretend I know everything, have a self righteous religious spirit, that brings death.
I know God will do right no matter what.
Yes there is a hell and most people seem to go there.
But God is fair, he gives everyone a chance.