DP (5 Oct 2012)
"Hoshana Rabbah/ God Approaches The Temple !"


John for posting!
The 7th day of the Feast of Tabernacles is called Hoshana Rabbah.
It was on this day that the Priests gathered outside one gate of the Temple area and cut Palm Trees..........branches that were long.
As they gathered to return to the Temple rows of Priests stood shoulder to shoulder Swishing the Palm Branches back and forth.........all the time Approaching the Temple.
This Swishing sound simulated the Holy Spirit approaching the Temple. Translate.............God approaches the Temple of His Body here on the earth.
This happened on the 7th Day of Tabernacles.
While one group of Priests performed the swishing of the palm branches another group went and drew water out of a certain pool called the pool of Siloam. 
Both groups of priests / those carrying the water and those with the palm branches/ approached the altar in the Temple. The palm branches were laid out on top of the altar to make a sukkah and the water pouring ceremony was also performed there.
There was huge rejoicing, with all kinds of musical instruments.........
However, note this carefully. When each of the 2 groups of priests reached their respective gate of the temple area a Single Shofar was sounded! After that a single flute began to play.
It has been said that whoever did not see this ceremony called the Beit HaShoevah.........never saw rejoicing in their lifetime!
It could well be that the 7th day of the Feast of Tabernacles, Hoshana Rabbah, is When God approaches His Temple. This year this will be Sunday, October 7th........starting Saturday night.