Chance (30 Oct 2012)
"Re:  "Words for Anyone Who's Beaten Down" by Bruce Baber"
Hello Bruce and Doves.
Thank you for posting your letter on Doves...that really hit home.  I recently started attending a Pentecostal Church in my small town.  There aren't very many people attending on Sundays and there are maybe a couple of 'elders'.
This pastor has been at this church for 5 years, I was told; he is probably in his mid-forties and I don't know how long he's been in the ministry.  I've spoken with his wife several times and I get the very distinct impression she is not happy with the way all of this has turned out.  I, too, would like to see this little church grow with the blessings of G-d.
You wrote:  It boils down to... "if I am doing God's will, why doesn't He bless my ministry?" I am reminded of something I heard Adrian Rogers (former head of the Southern Baptist Convention) say... "God hasn't called preachers to fill the pews. He has called them to fill the pulpits."  I used an analogy once to help someone. Imagine a giant chess board. And imagine you are placed on one of the squares by God. Sometimes God advances you across the board. But other times, He leaves you standing on that square. Just standing. For you see as long as you stand and occupy, the devil can't take it. Sometimes you feel blessed as God advances you. You feel justified in your calling. But just to stand as you are attacked and buffeted by the devil... well that's a calling too."
Thank you very much for sharing all of this...I am going to copy this and give to the minister and his wife. 
I'll be 'standing' with them.
PS I am not the 'Chance' that was using coins to get answers from G-d...that was someone else.  I'm the "Chance" with the letter about the strange computer pop up last Spring along with various other letters over the years.