Arlene (30 Oct 2012)
"A risk many may be you know for sure?"

Very interesting opinions on voting (or not to vote) in today's postings.  I may have missed some, but I took note of certain ones, in particular.

Esther had a wonderful posting entitled "Voting for Evil", Gary C's contribution was something like "2012 Election Return to Christ's Cross", and L. Lee's "WWJD". All of these Doves had remarkable things to say.  I agreed with all of them.

Some other postings I did not agree with, such as Ernest P and his "Vote" posting....or Anna and her "Vote for the Babies", Pat's "I'm Voting 3rd party" and, finally, Dianne Talsma's contribution of "Before you choose not to vote"....there may have been more, but those were the one's I noted by title.

Does it matter?  I think everything we think or do matters greatly to our Father in Heaven.  I wasn't going to comment today, but then I read the post by Mike Plunkett.  I think one paragraph made me stop and think of another scenario that was in the back of my mind, and Mike pushed it to the forefront.

This is the paragraph:

No one is trying to take your blessed hope. But being a foolish virgin can mean that you miss the dance by  not coming out of BABYLON! And then not making it as a firstfruit in the FIRST ASCENSION, which the FIRSTFRUITS will be part of. This is how you miss the hour of temptation, by being among the 144,000. You can't do it by worshipping Pagan entities on Pagan Holidays. Look it up, Easter is the big one! And Jesus gave you a sign, that he would be 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth as Jonas was 3days and nights in the whales belly.

[Whether, or not, the 144,000 are the qualified is not the question at this time.  Mike may be correct or not.  My opinion for, or against doesn't matter.]

WHAT IF this election is God's "Final Exam" before taking His bride "home"??  WHAT IF the foolish virgins are out paying more attention to the affairs in "Babylon" than they should?  Mike states "You can't do it by worshiping Pagan entities on Pagan Holidays."  Then he mentions Easter as a big one.  BUT, I think the world pays MUCH MORE attention to Election Day (considered a holiday to most) than they even do to Easter in today's world.

Do you really want to take the chance of maybe missing out on the rapture just to cast your "vote" by helping to choose the LEADER OF BABYLON that you would prefer?  We aren't supposed to be a part of Babylon's government. God tests our fidelity in many ways.  In this case, on my IMAGINARY "ballot" there are three names....Obama, Romney, and Jesus Christ. (Any 3rd Party candidate is also of the Babylon kingdom.)

I have already voted for the Leader of the Kingdom in which I want to live.  I have chosen my Lord Jesus Christ.  I don't want to risk being left behind.