Will Schumacher (14 Oct 2011)
"470 years/days from Egypt"

Because the birth of Serug-meaning "Branch"-Jesus is the Branch- is 832 (2x416)years after Enoch was translated and was born after 17 x 107 years I have started thinking that the birth of Serug is tied to 1 thess 4:16 and stand for
4-16-12 which is day 107
this is 40 days before 5-26-12
I don't know what the birth of Serug means-if it is just the sarting point of the resuurrection of the saints or what
But it would match the preaching of Jonah for 40 days before the judgement on Ninevah
Anyway i saw that Mburak-Egypt -fell on 2-11-11 430 days before 4-16
that would be 470 days before 5-26 and 471(3x157 before 5-27-when I believe we are presented to the Father)
Notice from OT
430 years form sojourning in Egypt to Exodus
+ 40 years to actually going into promised land
=470 years
Both begin with Egypt and end 470 years/days later
will schumacher