Will Schumacher (13 Oct 2011)
"Gilad Shilat and 228 days before the first fruits-bikkuwr"

10-11-11 was 228 days before 5-26-12

God has used 228 quite a bit with everything tied by rapture numbers to 5-26-12

228=gematria of bikkuwr-first fruits of Pentecost which I believe the church will be when it is presented to God the Father

It was announced that a deal was made for Gilad Shalit to be released to Israel on 10-11

I was thinking of the symbolism of being realeased form the prison of our mortal bodies with a sinful nature-it made sense so I looked at his capture to the release, birth to release and meaning of his name

I found Gilad means “endless Joy”-that is heaven right

At Hebrewnwames.com I found this

Gilad –gematria value=107

Shilat gematria value=349

107 + 349=456=228x2

Perfect match for day 228 before 5-26-12-How awesome

Gilad comes from Gilead which is mentioned 1st time in bible in Gen 31:21 which has gematria of 6x526

He was born 8-28-1986

25 x367 days to 10-11-11

3x367=1101 the number of years form Enoch translated to Isaac receiving his bride

He was captured 6-25-06

2 x 967 days to 10-11-11

967=526 + 3 x 147   5-26 will be the 147th day next year

967 years from the birth of Noah until Abraham called at age 75

967hex=4547 oct=2407 dec

967+4547+2407= 89 x 89

Israels 2 biggest markers are 6-7-67 (Jerusalem) and 10-06-73 (Yom Kippur War)

6-7-67 to 10-11=89 x 182 days inclusive

10-06-73 to 10-11=89 x 156 days

So something special about 89-remember 1335 is 15 x 89 the 15th prime


367-228=139  (139x3=417 as in 1Thess 4:17-thee rapture verse)

967-828=139  (8-28=day born and is ½ of 1656-years to flood-made birth day special)


If you were to add the major numbers God highlighted 367+967+228=1562=2x254 + 2x527

Will schumacher