Vicki (14 Oct 2011)
"What if God returns Gilad Shalit to his Homeland on Oct. 25 2011?"


Hi John and Doves,
Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas on 6-25-2006. As of today, 10-13-2011, he has been held captive 1,936 days. A couple days ago Israel agreed to an exchange with Hamas. Israel would release 1,000 (or more) Palestinian prisoners, and Hamas would release Gilad Shalit, allowing him to return to his Homeland.
I was just thinking today, how totally Awesome it would be if Gilad Shilat would be able to return to Israel on 10-25-2011. That would be 12 days from today, which would bring his captivity to a close on day number 1,948. 1948 is the year Israel officially "returned to her Homeland" and became a Nation.  (Hmmm.. a message to the world?)
I'm not saying this is definitely the date God has chosen, just sayin' what if ? Whatever date God has already chosen will be absolutely perfect. His timing always is:)
And for you number people, I thought this was pretty cool:
Kidnapped on 6-25-2006....6+2+5+2+6= 21....2+1=3
(If) He's released on 10-25-2011...1+2+5+2+1+1= 12...2+1=3
3+3 =6
Gilad Shalit was born 8-28-1986....8+2+8+1+9+8+6= 42...4+2=6
Kidnapped number=3
Possible release number =3
Birth date number =6
3+3+6 =12.....1+2=3  There's that 3 again!!
The "for sure" numbers are his birth date and his kidnapped date...the 3 and 6....3+6 =9
The possible release number is just a "what if"......and IF he returns home on 10-25-2011, it would have been exactly 5 yrs. 4 months to the day from his kidnapping.......5+4 =9
O.K. I gotta run...I love being able to share "crazy" thoughts with all of you.
Whatever date God has chosen for this dear soldier to return home will be perfect!! What a wonderful reunion for him and his family. Keep praying for him:)
Hoping to meet you all in the air soon!!