Suzi (4 Oct 2011)
"To Fay re Elenin over Romania..."

That's just a weird cloud formation. I'd be more likely to believe that it was something created from HAARP than to believe that was some would a comet be IN our atmosphere?

The cross he saw was actually a different camera angle of the photo, with a church steeple in the the cross was actually on a building at the bottom of the screen.

He said a lot of odd stuff in that video. Like, the part about the Rosh Hashanna NASA speech, something about the head of all this stuff dying? Then he mentioned some stuff about the animal deaths, and said 7000 eagles gathered and ate dead rats? When/where did that happen? I thought eagles were could 7000 be in one place? He also mentioned something about 19 fireballs hitting the earth, even killing a woman? What? When/where?

I don't know this guy, not sure if he's just impressionable or what....the only thing he said that made sense was when he went to Scripture, and then invited people to accept Jesus as Savior. The trouble is, he's gonna chase more people away from the Lord if he keeps screeching about all this other stuff.