Suzi (24 Oct 2011)
"To Frank"

I am fully aware of the 'deadly evil'. But trust me, those demons that literally surrounded my bed each night were NOT there because I went trick or treating as a child, or threw water balloons at a Fall Festival. They 'got to me' because I had NO foundation, no instruction growing up about the reality of way of things. The truth about the Spiritual side of life. The Truth of Jesus. Ignorance gave more power to the Enemy. I refuse to 'give power' to the darkness. That church is not, in any way, comparable to the local non-denominational fellowship who holds a 'trunk or treat' parking lot party...or the community of local churches who come together to have a Harvest Festival at the local Mini-golf & Arcade. Those are positive and empowering events that can protect our children/families.

We are giving Satan too much credit as it is...every little thing in this world is not necessarily 'his work'...we are fallen beings, WE can do 'bad stuff' all on our own. When we attribute something we've done to Satan, he's more than happy to take the 'credit'...don't give him an inch, he will take a mile.

Take away the power, the actual 'energy' that these dark being thrive on...shine the Light in the Darkness and see the critters scatter!

We all have dominion over these dark powers, thanks to the Saving Grace and Power of our Lord Jesus Christ! Use it.