Susanna Petrie (5 Oct 2011)
"To Lisa Taylor re rapture on Feast of Tabernacles."

Lisa, I just can't thank you enough for that amazing article.  I hope you don't mind but I posted the link to it on my Facebook.   We have been without a church home for a long time and so I constantly find myself hungry to learn something and your letter was amazing!   I learned so much!!!   I loved the information on Jonah as I had never heard it before, and found myself all teary when reading the part about Jesus' birth even obeying the command to dwell in a temporary dwelling.   I will be re-reading it many times today and you have given me much to think about and share with my friends.

I have one question I hope you don't mind answering.  I am not sure I can even adequately put it into words but I'll try.   I have this sense that if the feasts are to be signs to us (and they are of course), then the only way to make sense of them would be if they happened in order of the events they are a type of.   So if we have Jesus death, resurrection, and the birth of the church being foretold in the spring feasts (in order), then the rapture, tribulation, and second coming could be foretold in the fall feasts.   But the Last Trump would be the last day of the feast and it seems that the rapture should happen at the beginning of the week, have the week be symbolic of the tribulation and the Last day of the feast be symbolic of the second coming.   Not sure if that makes sense or not.   So when I read your letter and it makes SOOOOO much sense, I am left wondering how the other events surrounding his second coming are symbolized in the feasts.  

Thank you again for that amazing article, words can't describe how much joy I got from it!  I LOVE seeing how the scriptures fit together like that.  God bless you!

Your sister in Christ,