Susan B (7 Oct 2011)
"To Randy - re possible Rapture sign"

To Randy - re possible Rapture sign
Hi Randy and all Doves,
Funny you should post that because over the last few weeks - whilst many waited hoping for RH - I did not think it would happen on RH - in fact I would have been so surprised if it HAD happened then.  Why?  Because over the last few weeks I have had a gentle leading in my Spirit that the Rapture - is a one time event in the history of the world and heaven - and thus does not need to fulfil "anything" in particular - other than itself.  I have also felt so strongly that it will be an incredibly 'ordinary day' - a day where nobody particularly expects it.
Because it is such a momentous and one off event - I cannot see why it must conform to anything......
And yes - I pinch myself often because I think about it - and then when I TRULY think about it - I am just filled with awe and longing and the incredibility of it all- no wonder we sound "nutty" to some others!!
But truly - this gentle leading of the Spirit within has been particularly strong over the last few weeks so I believe time is short - but no sign will be given - the signs are all around us - we only need to open our eyes, ears, hearts and minds to see them.  We are always to be in a state of imminence - so let us all daily repent to be accounted worthy to leave - to be washed in His precious blood - all our works in vain - salvation is only possible by the full surrender of one's life to Him.
Lovingly, ysiC,
Susan in Aussie Land.