Susan (14 Oct 2011)
"Blue Print"

Blue Print

by Susan Shields on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 7:02pm

Take a moment and think about your life as one big blueprint. Are you constantly asking for directions because you are always lost? Or you know where you are going and are always on track?

Are you always climbing hills and taking forever to get there? Or is your path always flat and getting there is always so smooth?

Do you help others along the way? Or are you never lending a hand to a stranger?

Do you stop for signs in the road? Or are you constantly ignoring them?

When there is a barrier in the road, are you slowing down? Are you so mad that you are cussing and not paying attention?

Do you admire the beauty around you? And or you just so focused on your driving?

Hopefully, the path you are taking in this life, is pointing to heaven. And not to hell.

God is so great, that he will show you the paths to take in your life. When there are obstacles he will give you strength and patience to handle each situation.  He will give you signs that he is around, if you ask him.  Don't ignore him.  He asks that you accept him and pass on information to others so that they may also find him.  The beauty of God is all around you.  Just look and listen. May the path that you follow with God in control be wide and not narrow and may you have the biggest and best blueprint ever. Thank you Lord Jesus for you love and ever ending blessings.