Sue C (19 Oct 2011)
"To Fay"

Hi, Fay. I read your letter yesterday about Obama and his agenda and had to respond. Yesterday, seeing him with the Wall Street Protesters, giving his encouragement and support to them, it hit me very clearly: he is encouraging anarchy. This thing is spreading across the USA and the world. He set this all up with the outrageous spending, the dizzying amount of debt we are now in, the failure to do anything to help the economy, etc. People would ask, “Is he just incompetent?” No, I say this is part of his hidden agenda. Create so much frustration in the populace and let the “people” do the dirty work of anarchy at the grass roots level. Smile and fiddle as the USA burns... on to the one world order. Glenn Beck is on to something and has been but he’s been painted as a lunatic. Thought I would share this as something of a confirmation. MARANATHA! ><> YSIC, Sue C