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"The Iraq Withdrawal… Why Now? The Luciferian Dialectic In Operation! "

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The Iraq Withdrawal… Why Now? The Luciferian Dialectic In Operation!

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By: L.A. Marzulli

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L. A. Marzulli

Clinton to Iran: Don’t misread departure from Iraq
Washington has long worried that meddling by Iran, a Shiite Muslim theocracy, could inflame tensions between Iraq’s Shiite-led government and its minority Sunnis, setting off a chain reaction of violence and disputes across the Mideast.

News from The Associated Press

I have harped about what I call the Luciferian Dialectic for eight years now. For those of you who are new to this BLOG it goes like this.

Conflict: 911 attacks. It doesn’t matter who is really behind them because they are the initial conflict that sets the rest of the dialectic in motion,

Counter Conflict: The US and her allies go into Afghanistan, but shortly afterward we attack Iraq.

Synthesis: We may be on the verge of seeing this as the US has suddenly announced it’s withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

The question that I would pose is why now? With the “Arab Spring” toppling one government after another, Syria seems to be next on the dead dictator list. However, Syria is a different ball game all together as Bashar Assad has threatened to bomb Tel Aviv if he is sanctioned or attacked in any way. Meanwhile the bloodshed continues with as many as 3,o00 + Syrians killed by their own government.

In my opinion the withdrawal of US troops couldn’t come at a worse time… unless for those who are pulling the strings this fits their timing perfectly. Let me explain. The Iraqi government is under the thumb of Iran as President Malaki is Shia Moslem. Combined with this is the 30,000 troops in Iraq that are loyal to Iran.
Added to this is the continual sectarian violence – Shia Moslem against Sunni Moslem – and the situation could spin out of control, which is what I believe is being orchestrated and is part of the end game of our withdrawal.

So what happens next?

Here’s a scenario for your consideration and it may be a combination of these that we will see.

1. Syria attacks Israel who then responds by attacking and destroying Damascus – read the Isaiah 17 prophecy here. Or Israel attacks HEZBOLLAH which then prompts a response by Syria and Iran.

2. Other Arab nations join the fray and war spreads throughout the region.

3. Iran attacks closing the Straights of Hormuz and the Gate of Tears which shoots the price of oil into the stratosphere – this topples our already fragile economy.

4. Iraq is attacked by the Iranians and the Malaki government folds.

5. Peace is established and the King of Jordan sets up a constitutional monarchy in Iraq and is hailed throughout the world as a peace maker. He then gives Jordan to the Palestinians thereby solving the 60-year-old Middle East conundrum between Israel and the Palestinians.

6. Abdullah then gives Israel part of the temple mount in Jerusalem to build the third temple.

While all of this might sound like fiction, it is a very real scenario and one that I believe could happen sooner than later.

In closing today’s post: The Middle East is more unstable than I have ever seen it and at some point the pent-up animosity toward Israel will explode. With the US troops out of Iraq the deterrent that has more than likely held Iran in check will no longer be there. In the end if what I propose comes to pass then we have witnessed a Luciferian Dialectic or as Watchers 3 poses. the Fingerprints of the Supernatural.
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