Steven Braun (4 Oct 2011)
"What is required of us to do?"

Hi John and dear Doves,

Slade has asked a good question as to where are we in time and since following my roots of faith I just got more questions and I would like to present them here just for thinking about it because everything is routed around it.

We know that our calendar is based on the Gregorian calendar and the one before that was the Julian calendar. When Yahshua (Jesus) walked the earth this was the calendar in used (if I can remember correctly).

Then we have the orthodox Jewish calendar that we also know is off with 240 years, so I’ve come to the conclusion that we do not know where we are, or let me rephrase; I do not know where I am on the timetable.

So I started to think and this is my thoughts.

I know that A.D. started at the birth of Yahshua (Jesus) and it was instituted by the Roman Catholic Church, because A.D. means Anno Domini (Latin) translated as ‘In the year of our Lord’.

My question was, what is the most important; “The birth of a King or The death of a Saviour?”

Nobody got saved after HE was born except those who were righteous in HIS sight and were from the bosom of Abraham, if I read the Scriptures correctly, but only after HIS death and resurrection and the tearing of the Temple vial was the door been open for us to enter into the Common wealth of Israel.

Interesting in Acts 10 the first non-Jewish person and his household was accepted into the flock of the circumcised.
So what is my point, I know there is debate as to in what year was Yahshua (Jesus) been born or how old HE was when HE died on the tree and I believe the answer lies in the Book of John, because the Book of John is the only book that counts the Passovers from when HE started with HIS ministry until HE became the Passover Lamb. That calculation can be done in your free time.

My point is what if the first year that we should have been counted was from HIS death and not HIS birth then I believes that we are out with about 32/33 years.
Then there is another thing with the length of a year. In Daniel the LORD clearly states in the latter years that a year will be 360 days such as the timeline for the Great Tribulation 1260 +1260 = 2520 days / 360 = 7 Biblical years. I’ve also read that scholars try to change or twist the timeline in order to fit the Prophecy but will not accept the fact that the calendar could be wrong because then their outcome will be wrong.

The question I asked myself was; would the Creator of everything in HIS good measure, the plan laid out “declaring the End from the Beginning” decided to change HIS timeline to suite mankind’s calendar that was made-up as they go along? I don’t think so.

I’m no mathematical guru but I know some have been blessed with the mind of numbers. And I believe that if we keep in mind that YHWH’ calendar is 360 days long because the moon determine the month and he sun is still, them we might be able to get a little closer as to where we are in God’s Timetable.

Just a thought

Be blessed

Steven Braun