Steve Coerper (18 Oct 2011)
""Go and sin no more ...""

Dear John and Doves -
I think I found another one of those little hidden suggestions of the Rapture where no one would think to look.
"Homework" for yesterday's program was a remarkable study by Kevin Cornette at Prophecy Fellowship:  Simchat Torah and Jesus Writing in the Dust - (which I would HIGHLY recommend).  Kevin points out that the events described in John 8 must have taken place on Simchat Torah, a "minor" Jewish observance.  Jesus tells the WOMAN to "go and sin no more."  No matter how well-intentioned or purposeful we may be, even the best of us cannot "sin no more" while we are in the flesh. 
I hate to think the woman portrays the church/bride in any point but this one.  We are NOT "caught in the act of adultery", BUT, to violate the Law in any point is to be guilty of all.  Suffice to say, to obey Christ at this point one must leave the flesh behind and move into a realm where no sin IS and no sin IS POSSIBLE.  That sounds like a rapture to me.
SO --- one more pointer to this week, very possibly Simchat Torah (Tishri 22, this coming Thursday).  The Law is re-instated for the world (the age of grace closes and Daniel's final week begins) ... and we are outta here.  From Simchat Torah to the eve of Passover in 2015 is 1260 days, by the way.
We'll see.  Just a few more weary days and then .....
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