Steve A (29 Oct 2011)
"The Bride's Dream"

Dream I had Oct. 22nd.
I saw a bride walking down a road (the bride represents the Church). Her gown was the brighteous white I have ever seen. You could say the gown was glistening! On both sides of the road were only a few people and I thought that was quit odd. As the bride approached the very end of the road, there was a person reading a scripture from the Bible...Romans 11:25 "Fullness of the Gentiles" thats what really stood out too me...then I awoke. It's obvious who the bride is...the few along the roadside represent the few who are left to be added to the Body of Christ. That will complete His precious bride. Then He will come for us. The time is very short and few more will need to be added...let us not get frustrated...He's always on time.  
Steve A