Stacy Raborn (31 Oct 2011)
"Spiritual Nugget #3"

My Body received 10/23/11

"As the Son of God, My body was as light as a feather.
I was purity in flesh with no weight of sin.
As flesh, I was tempted, I felt, and I understood all your trials.
I understood them all, and even now I understand.
Because I created you and because I have been in your body of flesh, I know.
My body, the body of the Almighty God, provides the way out for you.
My blood is life-giving, and even though you cannot see it, it flows now to cover you.
My blood is crimson but yet transparent and pure.
It is the only life available to you in your sinful state.
My blood flowed from extreme pain and suffering.
The pain and suffering was inflicted upon Me by the very flesh that I love.
My Father only allowed this, because it was His plan -- His plan to redeem you.
Do you realize you have been bought with a very extreme price?
The price I paid for you cost me every drop of My blood and then abandonment and separation from My Father, Who is one with Me.
My flesh was ripped away from Him; We were separated by the force of your sin.
Your sin made Me ugly and repulsive in His sight.
It made my Father tear Himself apart from Me.
My veins ran dry as the life was drained out of Me.
All I could think of was the joy set before Me -- to be reunited to you through My Father.
That joy gave Me the strength and courage to endure the cross.
You are My joy, precious people.
I love you with My very life.
That is why you are so beautiful to Me, when I see My life in yours.
I see the joy set before Me in its completion and fullness, and I know this only comes when you have made the decision to believe in Me, follow Me, and surrender to Me.
To have you, My creation, back with me for all of eternity is a great reward for Me.
What I did for you was excruciatingly hard, but the joy I have now received is far better.
What you may be going through right now may be very painful, and you may feel hurt and abandoned, but if you let Me, I will use this experience to show you My face.
As you relate to Me and My sacrifice, I can reach your heart.
Together we can overcome, and you can be made new.
Remember My sacrifice -- there is none other like it in all of eternity.
I am the One -- I am the Redeemer.
I am the only Way.
See clearly to know this, to believe this, and to live this.
I love you, so I died for you.
Now through My death, you too can die to sin and be resurrected into newness of life -- life eternal.
The reward for accepting My gift of mercy and grace to you is greater than all.
On the other hand, the punishment of rejecting this gift is just as great.
Don't turn away today if you hear and feel Me speaking to your inner soul.
Say yes to Me, and allow Me to give you all you have ever desired.
Say "Yes, yes Jesus", and I will say, "Come, come My child, into the eternal paradise I have prepared especially for you since the beginning of time."
Come, come My child."