Stacy Raborn (29 Oct 2011)
"Spiritual Nuggets for You - #2"

Hi John and Doves!

Lately during my quiet time, the Lord has been using my gift of writing to journal words and thoughts that I hear that I believe to be inspired by Him.  Many times, I read these "spiritual nuggets" afterwards and just know that these insights must be shared.  All of you at one time or another have blessed me with your own spiritual insight and encouragement, so it is my hope and prayer that these "nuggets" of truth, direction, and encouragement will be the same for you!  By the strong encouragement of my best friend, I will post these and share them with the Five Doves family as I receive them and are lead by the Lord.  I just sent spiritual nugget #1, so this is nugget #2!

This "nugget" was actually received during my quiet time today.  It is so wonderful when you hear something that you know you would never think of, and the Lord takes it and makes it something really beautiful and wise -- just like Him!

I am the stimulus.
I stimulate.
My Spirit stimulates My people.
My stimulus saves; not that of the world.
If My people will allow, I will stimulate them to move -- when, where, and how for both my purposes and their safety.
The stimulus of the world only wreaks havoc.
It is a false safety.
It is a false security.
Please, My people, see that the stimulus you need is from your Savior and your Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
I will restore and rebuild with My stimulus.
But only those who surrender to Me will benefit.
Those who reject Me will be subject to all the consequences of the world's stimulus.
It is false!!
It will fail!!
It will cause My people much pain.
Come out from this and be separate.
I am the only One who can fix this world and all its problems.
Come to Me and live.
Reject Me and die.
These are harsh words, but such is appropriate for harsh times.
I speak because I love you.
Heed My words.
They are the only truth.
Seek Me and find Me.
I am waiting, but likewise is the world.
Choose carefully!