Stacy Raborn (29 Oct 2011)
"Spiritual Nuggets for You - 1"

Hi John and Doves!

Lately during my quiet time, the Lord has been using my gift of writing to journal words and thoughts that I hear that are inspired by Him.  Many times, I read these "spiritual nuggets" afterwards and just know that these insights must be shared.  All of you at one time or another have blessed me with your own spiritual insight and encouragement, so it is my hope and prayer that these "nuggets" of truth, direction, and encouragement will be the same for you!

The following is actually something I wrote before my quiet time during my study time.  It was something that I wrote for myself concerning all my current trials and issues unto the Lord; some of you may be experiencing some of the same.  After reading it to my best friend, she strongly encouraged me to post this on Five Doves, so ...  here we go with spiritual nugget #1.

The world is a thief.
It will steal all you have in Jesus.
It will distract you to take your eyes of the true treasure of your heart.
A job, a house, a marriage...
All in limbo; all is unsure.
Then why do I have so much peace?
Because Jesus is my dwelling;
He is my resting place.
He is my provision.
He is my husband.
It's easy to begin to look at the worldly husband, the worldly home, the worldly job.
And if I do this for too long, those very things I have in Jesus seem to fade.
There is no peace, no joy, hope, satisfaction, etc., like that which is found in Jesus.
No tangible things can ever be as good as what He offers.
Lord, help me keep my eyes on You, because I have all I'll ever need in You.
Jesus, keep the thief of the world in the distance.
Give me the strength to keep it in its proper place.
You are the first and the last.
You encompass all.
You provide all.
You are all.
I want nothing but You, Jesus!