Slade (3 Oct 2011)
"What is the current date?"

Dear Doves,

Last night (Friday 2 September 2011), while I was trying to get to sleep (it has been very difficult for the past several days) a thought entered my mind..."Do we even know the actual month we are in?"

My question stems from when Nisan began.  If we go by our calendars, we see that they say that 1 Nisan was just a few days after the spring equalnox (Please forgive my poor spelling).  At that time, was the barley abib? Or should they have added another month (Adar II)?

I raise this question as our Lord has never lost sight of what month it is, but man certainly has the capabilty of  losing sight.

So, is the current date 3 Tishri or is it 3 Elul.

If it is the latter, then we still have another month to go before Yom Teruah.

I have no doubt that our Lord knows exactly what the date is and the He is precisly on-time.