Shelva Sirry (12 Oct 2011)
"To Mary Anna: Steve Jobs is not resting in peace, if he did not know Jesus"

Dear Mary Anna,
I do not mean to be harsh but I must defend the Word of God. God cannot violate His own Word and offer Steve Jobs salvaltion after he has left this life. "For it is appointed unto man once to die and AFTER this the judgement." There is NO second chance. (Also if your reasoning were correct, God would owe another chance to everyone, including people like Hitler, Saddam, etc.)
There are many people in hell who never heard the gospel. But our loving God Who had His son beaten and crucified said that "they are without excuse". They have the stars and the constellations that give the whole gospel plan. He said there is no place on earth where there "speech" is not heard. God said they did not need a preacher because all of creation speaks of God and His Son. These people never searched for God and niether did S.J. God promises if we search for Him with all our heart, He will be found by us.
Add this to the fact that S.J. heard at least some of the gospel as a younger person. When he could make a decision, he chose Budda over the One True God thereby rejecting Jesus Christ. He is where he wanted to be because he did not want Jesus. He would not be happy in heaven with those who love Jesus.
That you have compassion is admirable, but it is misplaced. Instead of having compassion on this man, where is your compassion for a man beaten, bleeding, with his beard pulled out, and taking hours to die on a Cross? Can God possibly excuse those who reject his Son? No, He cannot and He will not. God did all that He could do to offer S.J. salvation. He will do NO more. Indeed if He did that, Jesus died in vain.
We make the decision of where we go in the next life while we are here on earth. God does not send anyone to hell. WE all make that choice. What we think about someone does not matter. Only what the Word says counts. If we are without the covering of the blood of Jesus, God sees us as totally depraved. "All our righteousnesses are as filthy rags" (good person, brilliant, = all dirty).
On another serious note here too: if people thought they had a second chance to be saved after they died, millions more would end up in hell.
May I reiterate; Only what God says counts. What we think that is not based on that Word does not.
For God's Truth,