Seven (6 Oct 2011)
"Prayer request"

Good morning Precious Doves.
I have been a previous poster, but I have asked John's permission to be simply known today as #Seven.  I would like to ask a prayer request from all of you for my family, and especially -- my daughter.  She recently opened a business this year in our midwest town with home style baked goods.  Apparently, someone or ones filled with hatred, jealousy and vitriol has posted several horrible, damaging un-truths on google (among other sites) in an attempt to sabotage her growing business.  I'm sure you are wondering why --  so I will tell you.  Not only do the delicious fragrances greet you at the door....but also the presence of the Holy Spirit greets you as well.... my daughter is a Holy Spirit-Filled Christian woman and so is her staff.  The demonic realm is not at all pleased and so the attacks have begun....I could divulge more information, but at this time, I will ask for your prayers and your support, because like many of you -- this Dove site has become my true church.  I have grown to love each and every one of you as the years have passed - I have mourned with you, prayed with you and kept you in my heart as we eagerly await for Jesus to return to this horrid, hate-filled, corrupt world.  It's getting harder and harder to hang on without closing myself off from everyone. Please pray for me and my family and help me to pray for Jesus to come and take us ALL HOME.  What a Glorious Day that will be -- Praise God!!!!
Thank you John and Doves -- I love you all and I can't wait to meet you all in person.
signed:  leaf blower #Seven -- (Jim Bramlett -- you will get this;) winking.)