Sandra Jean (15 Oct 2011)
"Thoughts from "Math Man""

Fay posted this amazing article from "Math Man" about a week he became a Christian (mathematical analysis) is an important read for the analytically minded.

14 Reasons to Look Up!!

I agree with what others have written on this site on the Rapture being a sign-less event. I also believe in the Rapture's imminence and that it will remain so until it actually happens. However, even the imminence of the Rapture has a God-ordained limitation. The limitation being that the Rapture HAS to occur prior to the Tribulation Period commencing.

The purpose of this post is that, while I have seen an abundance of excellent qualitative analysis on why the Rapture is just around the corner, I have not seen any really rigorous quantitative analysis, which I now supply below for your reading pleasure. However, I feel that it would be beneficial to first explain how I got to the place that I am writing to you today:

  • My journey to accept Jesus as my Saviour is perhaps the least romantic you will ever hear, revolving around, oddly enough, mathematical analysis. First I researched and decided that evolution was non-sensible. In the end, I felt that the odds of such amazing complexity randomly occurring from chaos were just too astronomical to accept unless your real goal was to "kill god". This had huge ramifications, of course, as creation is the only alternative, thereby meaning that a god(s) of some sort had to exist.
  • As such, I needed to analyze which of the various god(s) had the highest probability of being responsible for bringing us here. After much research, it eventually became clear that only Christianity made sense. This was quite a surprise to me since I was actually quite skeptical of Christianity before I began this quest (I too have run into some of these self-righteous kristians that make you feel like c... about yourself)
  • While my mind accepted Jesus immediately, it wasn't until a while later that I truly gave my heart to Jesus, praise be His Grace forever! Indeed, for me one of the main turning points towards Christianity was prophecy and its amazing accuracy to what is going (and has gone) on in this world. In particular, Israel and the six-day war to take Jerusalem was a huge eye-opener for me. The other "thing" that sold me on Christianity is that it is the only faith where God reaches down to us (through His Son Jesus) versus us having to reach up for Him.
  • This journey began my love of all things prophecy. After all, it indirectly saved me by directing me towards the grace of Jesus. My next task was to sort through the various doctrine believed by so many seemingly well-intentioned Christians that were in direct opposition to each other, each claiming passionately to be right wherein only one can be right. I read about Pre-Trib, Post-Trib, Mid-Trib, Pre-Wrath and other related theories and had to decide which one to believe since they can't all co-exist. Pre-Trib won the day. It seemed overwhelmingly logical to me that Jesus would take us off this decrepit planet before any of His judgments / wrath would begin. Indeed, He directly promised us that He would do just that. After all, what Good Shepherd would purposely put the sheep He so loves and tends in the way of harm that He Himself is creating / allowing? To believe that Jesus would do otherwise defies all logic.
  • The more I thought about it, the more the Pre-Trib Rapture excited me. While being with the Lord forever was plenty to be excited about, not having to experience a possibly painful death to do it (yes, I'm a bit cowardly) seemed too good to be true. But with God, everything IS the only "good" AND He IS the only Truth!!
  • The next logical question was, when would the Rapture occur? On this, the Bible is exceedingly clear - no man (nor woman) will know the day or the hour. However, based on my rigorous training in math and statistics, I thought surely there must be clues (or at least hints) in the Bible as to how much longer, in general, we would have to wait until the Rapture.