Rudy Wallace (28 Oct 2011)
"REF....."P.S. to "More Proof that B.O. is the Antichrist"""

"P.S. to "More Proof that B.O. is the Antichrist""
I am not convinced that Barak Obama or any other man is the anti christ.  I believe the anti christ is the beast described in Revelation, chapter 13.  If you want an in depth teaching on this, put the name Patrick Heron in your search window and hit enter.  He explains it well.
The anti christ will be a supernatural being and he is probably chained in darkness inside the earth, and has been since the time of Noah, and he will be released at the appropriate time to do all of his signs and wonders and have the world marvel after him.
It really doesn't matter since we will not be here to see the anti christ, but if interested, take a listen to Patrick and get the scoop.