Rudy Wallace (11 Oct 2011)
"Don't become discouraged......keep looking up"

Don't become discouraged......keep looking up
Rapture RoasHashana.......didn't happen.  Rapture Yom Kippur.....didn't happen.  Rapture Tabernacles....we shall see.  Interesting that during this feast, the Jews dwell in booths for seven days, whereas we might dwell in heaven for seven years with Jesus before returning to earth.
But if this too passes with no rapture, don't become discouraged.  The timing is in God's hands, not ours, and we should not become frustrated at God's plan and timing.
And Doves, consider this.  If the rapture is yet several years away, imagine how many new brothers and sisters will be joining us.  Would you be willing to wait ten more years if someone ten years from today gave their heart to the Lord and became born again and inheireted heaven and eternal life?
That date certain for the rapture is out there, but we will not be able to pinpoint it.  Only the season, and this is the season.