Rowina (5 Oct 2011)
"When the economy fails, expect persecution of Christians to increase"

Some secular people are happy enough right now to withhold persecution of us.  They have enough money to supply their basics, plus some entertainment.  These same people will be angry when they lose first their surplus and then some of their basics.  Who will they blame, us?  Most of them do not believe in God, so they will not blame Him so much as us, who they will say led us into trying times because we couldn't think straight.

They will blame our leaders, whom they will assume are Christians, partly because our leaders keep SAYING they are Christians, even when they are not.  So the hurting people will say, our Christian leaders led us astray, made us believe in "pie in the sky" and being humble and nice while they, the "Christian" leaders, stole everything.

And so they will blame first the "Christian" leaders and then us, the little Christians.  And they will withhold cooperation with us.  They will not share what resrouces are left, such as food and water.  They will not even try to tolerate us.

I see this coming, not in every single place or circumstance, but widespread.  Many on Five Doves will suffer from this persecution by the disappointed secular people.
Some will lose their jobs because they are Christian--no longer will the pretended "toleration" be upheld.  Some will lose family caring in the same way--the pretense of toleration will evaporate.  But some secular people will feel the Hand of God in all of this and repent.  Pray that those who repent will be your family, your employer, your friends.