Rowina (29 Oct 2011)
"To Randy on taste and smell sensitivity"

Randy, you may just be growing more sensitive to toxins, more able to sense them.

Most perfumes have toxins in them, and that is why "chemically sensitive" persons cannot
use them.  Most of us can us pure lavender or orange oil, if it's unadulterated.

As for the shrimp sauce, it probably, almost certainly, had chemical additives which are not
conducive to health, while the butter sauce did not have these additives.  

I cannot say if this is what is happening for sure, but I would suspect that you should 
congratulate your nose and your taster!

It might help to start reading labels and becoming aware of which things have impure
additives.  Then your mind can agree with your nose and your sense of taste.

I am NOT that able to smell or taste impurities, so I have to read labels always, and
be very careful if eating in a restaurant.