Rowina (19 Oct 2011)
"To Kamie concerning "Occupy" crowds"

Kamie, I have not watched TV much on this subject, so have limited knowledge, but I do have more
sympathy for this movement than most of us here do.  I realize it's not a Christian movement and
hence has limitations, but I see these people as bringing a needed awareness that the government,
the financial institutions, and the media are LACKING big time in dealing with our economic and
social problems.

We here at Five Doves are already aware that these institutions are LACKING.  This is a secular
expression of growing awareness of the LACK.

Even the media commentators on Fox, such as O'Reilly, admit that there has been little violence in
this movement on Wall St. (and now in other places throughout America).  This is unlike the violence
we sometimes see portrayed on TV as occurring in foreign capitals, such as Paris, Rome, etc.    Even
the European demonstrations have been less violent than the "Arab Spring" demonstrations, so far.

So far.

I pray the demonstrators, whatever their beliefs, will not become more violent.

It is said that they are egged on, or paid, by Soros and other Leftists.  That may be true in part, but
only in part, from my observations.  Just as in the Tea Party, there are a variety of motivations among
the Wall St. demonstrators.  Many simply want the economy to improve and for there to be jobs and
possibilities of paying off their serfdom to student loans--they are not all Far Left, just as the Tea Party
is not all Far Right.  

I like Geraldo Rivera's compassionate coverage on Fox, of these demonstrations.