Rowina (17 Oct 2011)
"For Patti Webber, heartfelt prayer"

Oh, Patti, I feel so much for you and John, being out of money and too old to acquire jobs
and needing the rapture!

I feel the same way.  I still have a pension to live on, and a home, but I am back on
chemotherapy, which has always caused severe side effects in the past.  I feel that
I need the rapture pronto!  I am supposed to take this stuff "for life", to keep whacking
my blood platelets down.  My feet hurt so badly from chemo that I can barely walk, and
I need to walk because I live alone and keep my own house, with yard and repair help
from a handyman.

I have been lately praying this prayer for Doves and all members of the Bride:

  Please Lord,
  Come get all of those who want to be with You!
  Come and get those who are Your own!
  We have nothing to offer you but Your own shed blood,
  But we want to be with You.
  And we need to be with You.
  Thank You from the sheep in Your fold!