Rowina (14 Oct 2011)
"I did not post "Worthy to Escape" video yesterday, as indicated"

I noticed my web name, Rowina, in front of the first video posted yesterday, entitled "Worthy to Escape."

I did not post this, but naturally I listened to it, since my name was in front to it.  It reiterates the belief that all
with faith in Jesus' saving sacrifice for them will be raptured.  No personal worthiness is necessary other
than the covering provided by Jesus.  It says that to hold up our own efforts at worthiness takes away from
Jesus' glory, for He is the  totally worthy One.

Well, I agree!  Even if I didn't post it.  Sometimes I am distressed by statements that we will have to
become more holy to qualify for the rapture.  I often think of the Thief on the Cross--how worthy did he have
to become for Jesus to say the thief would be with him that day in Paradise?  No, his worthiness came from
Jesus, whom he asked to be in Jesus' Kingdom.  

I believe each of us has some worthiness. We are a mixed bag of worthy and unworthy.  Only with the All-worthy
one do we qualify for the Rapture.  

One could compare this to many experiences in life.  

Some men or women one might "date" might seem attractive, but if you are blessed enough to meet "the One",
then you know the difference.

Some ballet dancers are good and well worth watching, and you might clap hard after a brava performance.
But then a world-famous Prima Ballerina comes in to give a demonstration and a lesson, and you know you
have never seen anything like this before.  This was the effect I had from watching a tape of Maya Plisetskaya
dancing, and of watching the former Prima of Pacific Northwest Ballet dancing, and of watching the part of
"Billy Elliott" where the grown up Billy dances "Swan Lake"--only a few seconds, but a never-to-be-forgotten leap
into glory.

Jesus is like that; all our worthiness fades when He appears, all of it is absorbed in His glory.  We are numb
with amazement.