Rowina (11 Oct 2011)
"Reply to those who posted on Steve Jobs"

I was reading tributes to Steve Jobs on another website, on the night he died.  One surprising post was from a Lutheran pastor, who referred to Steve in present tense,
as if he was still living, and said that Steve is a "confirmed Lutheran Christian."  He must be referring to Steve's life as a teenager, when he must have been confirmed
in the Lutheran Church.

Many may say this act of his youth meant nothing if he was not "born again".  I believe many persons could be born again through the act of confirmation, because they are asked at that time to "sign up" for Jesus as their Savior, and for service to His cause.  Some of them probably do sign up in their hearts!

My husband was confirmed when he was over 75 years old, in the Episcopal Church, which represented an acknowledgement of having returned to Christ some years earlier at a Pentecostal healing service.   But I believe my husband was born again as a youth in Sunday School in Mosier, Oregon.  We should not downplay the commitments
people make in their hearts while attending church or Sunday School.  My husband never forgot those days and what he learned there, and it formed a basis for his later
return to Jesus.