Rowina (10 Oct 2011)
"The Rapture Thoughts of Brother Sal Smario--to Pineman"

Hi, Pineman.  You were speaking about a possible Ascension rapture in 2013.  Remember that Sal Smario (Daniel's Glasses) believes the rapture
will happen some Spring, probably on First Fruits.  He thinks First Fruits is another working out of the Sign of Jonah, happening on the day of Jesus'
Resurrection, and that the Rapture then happens 40 days later, on the anniversary of Jesus' Ascension.  But he thinks any day after Firstfruits that is
still within Spring would be a good "sign" to the Jews that their Messiah had come.  And he emphasizes that these signs are FOR the Jews.  We are
part of the signs to the Jews.  He believes the resurrected ones will testify in Jerusalem, and perhaps worldwide, for those 40 days before the Rapture.
So there is a different view on the timing from what has been usually expressed here on Five Doves. He emphasizes that the Jews expect their Messiah
to arrive on a Spring day.

Brother Sal does not specify which year the Spring Resurrection and Rapture will occur.  He will be watching again in Spring 2012.  

I do not have a personal assurance that he is right or wrong.  I tend to agree with Jack Kelly of Grace Through Faith, that the Rapture will occur
when the number of souls enrolled in the Church has been completed, which could come any day.  But I find the Biblical scholarship of Brother Sal
to be good in many other areas than the Rapture.  He used to have many people listening to him, but now there are fewer, since many have been
disappointed by Springs that come and go, and no longer are willing to set time periods such as "Spring", relying rather on world events to point to the timing.