Robert Belanger (21 Oct 2011)
"Re: Nicole"

Dear Nicole,

I read every word of your message and want to thank you for taking the time and making the special effort needed to present your thoughts on the need for salvation and getting to know Jesus as a real, living person. Great job, bravo!

As we see the people around us who are unsaved and uninterested in knowing Jesus first hand, perhaps we are seeing a review of hell where everyone is frantically pursuing their own best interests, a they see them from their carnal, mortal, unregenerate viewpoint.

Like you, many people were interested in self and it's constant desire for pleasure, gratification and comfort. As you said, they see the drab world of Christians as boring, dull and stupid. They reason from a different set of assumptions, and beliefs. But their assessments are not true, if the Christian is obedient to God's laws and sincere in their speech and actions.

What does love look like as it is received by a follower of Jesus? What does deep-felt concern and anguish over the future damnation of a soul look like?

These, and many other soul-felt emotions born out of compassion and love, cannot be seen in the purely carnal state. They are perceived as delusions, escapism and just plain foolishness. The ability to temporarily ignore self and it's desires is not an option for the unsaved and makes spiritual knowledge hidden and unfelt in their narrow viewpoint where God and His greatness is excluded.

As you stated, there are many joys to be experienced in Christ. But none are real until the decision is made to turn away from the rebellious nature of our canal minds to the free gift of salvation in Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension.

May God richly bless, keep and comfort you, Nicole, for writing your invitation to join those who know Jesus as their personal Saviour, guide and friend.