Ray (18 Oct 2011)
"To Gida - Worship in Spirit"

Sister Gilda,
I am working on a website where you and others can access more of Peter's music. I will update when it is ready. Peter has assisted me in Worship since he was 12 years old and has exibited his gift since he was 5 years old. I believe that his gift is the gift of prophesy through music. He "sees" a vision and interprets it musically. Many have seen visions and experienced healings when he ministers. After playing one of these visions he does not remember what he played. I hope that many other Doves will have the opportunity to download this recording and be blessed by it. It can be accessed under the title Ray - Worship in Spirt and was available with the October 14th letters.
God bless,
Brother Ray - thank you so much for posting your letter and the song Hallelujah. What talent and anointing. I pray that as people listen to his music that they are healed and delivered. If you have any links or a You Tube account please let us know. I would love to hear more. Thank you so much for sharing.