Ray (14 Oct 2011)
"Worship in Spirit"

Fellow Doves,

       I am a Worship Leader who was contacted by an Evangelist a
       few years ago to record a song for his ministry. He asked me
       to record a “simple” worship song that could be played as
       background music during his alter call or prayer ministry. I
       asked my two sons to assist me in the project and they agreed.
       When we arrived at the recording studio we met with the
       Evangelist and the recording engineer and set up our
       instruments to record. I selected “Hallelujah” because it was
       the simplest worship song I could think of and would not
       require rehearsal time. I told my son, Peter to play a short
       instrumental piece after the second verse and I would join
       back in for the third verse. When we got to that point in the
       song something incredible happened. Let me first explain that
       Peter began playing the piano at 5 years old, on his own, and
       is self-taught. Shortly after that he lost his central vision
       and became legally blind. Anyway, he started playing the
       instrumental portion of the song and the Holy Spirit fell on
       him. He played a musical piece that I know came straight from
       Heaven. While he was playing, my other son and I went into the
       control room and found it filled with people. The engineer,
       the Evangelist, and a Hip Hop group with their entourage (a
       rough looking gang). They were all huddled by the window
       watching and listening to Peter with tears in their eyes. The
       scriptures tell us to Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. It
       also says to sing a new song unto the Lord. Later, I asked
       Peter where that music came from and he told me that shortly
       after he started playing he had a vision and the music was his
       interpretation of what he saw. It is my hope that in listening
       to this music you will also see the vision. Personally, I see
       the Rapture every time I listen to it.
       in the love of Jesus,