R1000 (27 Oct 2011)
"Paul  Wilson  :  re:  Tribulation question ?"

From  R-1000
Good day Paul.  My opinion on your question of Tribulation is...
Luke  21 : 20    when we see Jerusalem  with all kinds of armies around it and  the Jewish people cannot defend itself... this is going to be a great tribulation.  It will last for   HOW  LONG  ?
Maybe... 3 1/2   yrs .
We have to look  ALSAO  for signs in heaven, in the sun ,moon and stars
as it is mentioned in vers 25
V. 26  terrorists will get worst... and the earth will be shakened.
V28... when these things begin to happen... then... we're asked to lift our heads ... this will be the  T I M E. of the coming of the LORD for those left on earth.  Jesus will return with his saints and those raptured.
The great tribulation will be the biggest one ever know to the world and never will be stronger than this last one.
We have to watch for the signs Jesus showed us and  have the wisdom to recognize them as being of GOD.
Remember MT 24 : 4  - 8  These words talk about only  the  BEGINNING.
Vers 9 ...  The jewish people will be persecuted worldwild by a great power and they will be put to death.   similar  than what happened to them in 1939-45 with Hitler.
The great tribulation will start when these things start to happen.
And not before. 
We can see bu what's happening in the mid-east   and the nations are getting ready to press  Israel and they have a plan.   
their plan is ( ps 83 ).
They are getting in position  and the tribulation will start but ... the world will have to obey a ruler (  one world order )...  it is coming... we should not put any dates on when these things will happen.
God will show us the signs of our departure  ONLY if we keep our  eyes and minds with PRAYERS and  GUIDANCE  from our LORD himself.
The words in the Bible  are  HIS   words and instructions.
It is good to share with all the  DOVES  the words of GOD.
WE are all watching  for his RETURN  and hope it is soon for HE wants  to save the world.
Thank you
from R-1000