Paul N. F. (21 Oct 2011)
"Truth Will Not Give Itself to a Rebel"

         Truth Will Not Give Itself to a Rebel

        By A. W. Tozer

. . . He that followeth me . . . shall have the light of life.
        John 8:12.

             Too many people consider Jesus Christ a ‘convenience.’
         We make Him a lifeboat to get us to shore, a guide to find us
         when we are lost.  We reduce Him simply to a Big Friend to
         help us when we are in trouble.

             That is not Biblical Christianity!

             Jesus Christ is Lord, and when a man is willing to do
         His will, he is repenting and the truth flashes in.  For the
         first time in his life, he finds himself willing to say, “I will
         do the will of the Lord, even if I die for it!”

             Illumination will begin in his heart.  That is repentance,
         for he has been following his own will - and now decides
         to do the will of God.

             Before the Word of God can mean anything inside of
         me, there must be obedience to the Word.  Truth will not
         give itself to a rebel.  Truth will not impart life to a man
         who will not obey the light.  If you are disobeying Jesus
         Christ - - you cannot expect to be enlightened spiritually.

             No man can know the Son except the Father tell him.
         No man can know the Father except the Son reveal Him.
         I can know about God: that is the body of truth.  But I
         cannot know God, the soul of truth - - unless I am
         ready to be obedient.

            True discipleship is obeying Jesus Christ and learning
         of Him and following Him and doing what He tells you
         to do, keeping His commandments and carrying out His

             That kind of a person is a Christian -
and no other kind is!

        Yours in Christ,
         Paul N. F.